I am 25 years old Senior Graphic design student from Korea studying at School of Visual Arts, class of 2019. At SVA I studied basic of graphic design, typography, motion and Interactive design including User Experience and User Interface. Before SVA, I studied Industrial design at Kyonggi University(KGU), Seoul, Korea. Basic 3d product design, history after bauhaus and ergonomics were the classes I took.


      As learning two types of design, I define myself as a designer who values function and communication the most. Each principles came out from each school I went to. First, I learned about functionalism at KGU by learning product design history from Bauhaus to Philips. The great impression leads me to take basic Ergonomics for 3D product design. However, passion of Industrial design suddenly turned into graphic design after watching a show of Stefan Sagmeister and his design. I decided to go NewYork like him to become a graphic designer.


      Studying Graphic design in NewYork with amazing professors of SVA, I found out one common emphasis from them, communication. From studio, motion to UX,UI all professors talked about how we communicate. Specially interactive design caught my attention. The similarity between UX and Ergonomics might be a good reason, but the bigger reason is that all most of them are digital platform. My teenage started with 2000 and by having fastest internet in the world, I grew up with computer and internet. The world is urgently growing up everyday and contribution of digital is uncountable. As a designer who learned design before and after digital, I want to challenge myself into that rapid development with what I learned and experienced.