Spark Dental

Dentistry / Website deisgn


Among the countless dentists in Seattle, Spark dental needed to differentiate itself from other dentists and inform patients about their professional treatments. We were in charge of helping the dentist make design decisions and finding answers to problems.


Establish a new brand identity of the hospital that meet the needs of the hospital's marketers and doctors. Plus redesign its website with full responsive system based

on the new identity. 

Madison Park in Seattle is the area where are so many DDS(Doctor of Dental Surgery) hospitals. Among those numerous hospitals, none of them have a firm website that patients or potential patients could book an appointment or get to know about the hospital.

The first priority of the project was establishing a website with a responsive design system so that users can access the website from any device such as PC, tablet, and mobile to appoint a reservation or get the information they need.

In the process of redefining Spark Dental’s identity, the client’s demand was a simple design without color. However, during the process, there was feedback that the design looks too simple. The direction was changed due to feedback and ended up using a variety of gray and point color.